Oh, How I Miss… My Blog!

This blog has been my outlet for years now…my adult connection… so to speak!  In this world of uncertainty, dealing with children with major mental and medical issues, it has been what has kept me sane!  However, my faithful regular followers… know… I just stopped blogging altogether… someone has taken the knowledge posted here of my personal life and struggles and used it against me.  So, the past few months.., I have just stopped!  This is so wrong on so many levels!!  I had a dear friend say… “Wow!  What the heck?  Who does that?”  Those are good questions!  But over the years… I have learned… haters are going to hate!  Doesn’t matter what you do!  Someone always finds away to be nasty!  

You can say I am a bit bitter about this… but this has been my creative outlet for the better part of 13 years!  During the time of my father’s death when I should have blogged up a storm… I didn’t due to some not nice individuals! So, to my great supports… I say thank you!!  To my haters I say get a LIFE!  Unfollow my blog!  But I am coming back full force!  This is for me!!  If one person finds value, comfort or humor in my daily life then my blog has great purpose!  Not to mention my own personal support and much needed outlet!!

For those of you that support, encourage and enjoy my blog I thank you, with all that I have in me!

Let’s make today a Great Day!  -Little Karl

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