Take Back Your Health Challange…

I’m thinking of starting/running my own, very first ever 21 day challenge/ACCOUNTABILITY/Support Group dedicated to helping EACH of us achieve our health and fitness goals. No set program … we all can do whatever program we want… does not matter! Even if it is just starting to walk 30 minutes a day… or being tired of being sick and tired and making better choices! We as a group will lift each other up… support… One Another! We all have our own journey of life… but in this day and age there is no reason we have to go it alone! We have all been there… done that! Time to stick together with a positive goal/outcome! TAKING BACK OUR HEALTH! Does not matter if there are two of us in this group or five hundred. We will have each other to lean on as WE TAKE BACK OUR HEALTH!

Yesterday, morning I had a much needed BOOST to my health and fitness… I ran into a lady/friend that said… “How are you doing?” I said ok… trying to get back on track! She then told me that she purchased the CIZE program… because of me!!! Really? She said that I inspired her to do it! Wow… I am both HUMBLED and HONORED… Most times… I feel that no one really reads my Get Healthy Posts… except a few friends and Beachbody Coaches! But Damn… I found out… I actually inspired someone… that is what this is all about! This has me pumped… even though we don’t always hear it or know it we all impact one another!! So, special thanks to this friend that said… hey, we are doing it!!!

Small steps my friends… slow and steady… WINS THE RACE!!

The group will run 10/31 – 11/20…

Let me know if you’re interested… and your thoughts?

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