Tired… Oh, so Tired…

Yet another terrible night of sleep for us! Youngest son was up at 1:30. @2:00 baby talking and singing. @3:30 made the dog Yelp… Not sure if he kicked her off the lounge in our room or what actually occurred? @4:00 My wife told him that if we had to talk with him again that he would lose his iPad for the day. I so tired can’t see straight… I know I should get up with him and go downstairs so My wife can sleep but I just can’t. @ 5:00 not sure when Koby went back into his room but I Was awakened by the sound of him playing with his fan! Can’t risk him waking the rest of them the house… Finally, got up with him at 5:25. Coming downstairs with him, being tired and out of it… I missed a stair, hurling myself down the steps… Once at the bottom my ankle hurts! Oh, these are the Days of my life!

-Little Karl

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1 Response to Tired… Oh, so Tired…

  1. Connie Mayer says:

    Oh my , now you won’t be able to get your steps in, bring them over here today and then go home and take a long nap!


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