My Kids Found a New Friend Today…


So, the Momma was not pleased that the kids have this friend!  Of course… I got some pictures and then we let it be!  But it was interesting to see the four different reactions from them.

Youngest daughter was startled by it… Since she almost stepped on it!

Youngest son… Was spewing out facts about snakes!  Thinking it was the coolest thing in nature today!

Our oldest son… Very intrigued by it yet… Not wanting a lot to do with it!  But very curious!

Oldest daughter be like… yuck!  But reporting it’s every move!!

Anyway, you look at it, it was a good learning, exciting moment for all!

We even sent a picture to Grandma who said “Tell my babies, they can keep their friend!  Lol

Nana that received the picture summed it up with one word:  “Yikes!”

-Little Karl


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