Oh, Neighborhood’s Are So Fun!

It has been very hot here in Michigan this summer…   But as usual… I have the privilege of being the host with the most-est!  At one point, there were ten kids here… So, 6 extras… From our hood… Oh, great times!! Lol.  I pass out Popsicles to everyone and tell them it is time they all head home!  The all get hydrated, our youngest collects the wrappers and says goodbye as they all exit!

We all march into the house and I grab a handful of nuts and pop them in my mouth… Ya, know the whole stress eating thing… But at least I changed from candy, cake etc. to nuts!  Lol…

At that very moment… I went into a coughing/choking fit!  Without missing beat… Our youngest son says:  “It is like you always say Grandmas says… That is what you get for being mean!”

Of course this caused me to laugh and choke harder… Spraying nuts everywhere!!  Karma it is a Bitch!! Lol.   -Little Karl

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