My Weight Loss Journey Journal…

If you don’t know me by now… Then you are sure to find out that I tell it like it is!! Lol

I watched a video that was very cheesy… If “we” are to change the thoughts… Health practices of others… Shouldn’t we market for All shapes and sizes… I know this is from the Coaching Summit so it is geared for Coaches… Just have been talking with people lately… And I hear over and over again how “Beachbody” is for established athletes… I am tired of the stereotyping!! (Not to mention, this after my Dick’s Sporting Goods Adventure!!)

I am just tired of everything happening in our world… Shootings so many that it is hard to keep up with who? Why? or when? Hate… Everywhere… Road rage… Everyone making snap judgements of others… Instead of asking, aiding and just plain being there for others!!

I was in the store… Today… And a child was having a full blown meltdown!! There were two ladies watching the child and mother interact… It was plain to see that… They were judging and blaming her parenting skills. I approached the lady and said just breathe… Lol. She looked at me and started crying… I said quietly ma’am what can I do to help? She looked at me in fear… I said… I have been here in your shoes many times… By time I finished chatting with her, she and the child were calm…

When “we” have and offer such support to our Team/Teams…

I am just trying to find my… Way as a Beachbody Coach…

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